Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Sarah Palin and the rise of the good looking GOP woman

With the primaries over, I thought id take a look at the winners endorsed by Mrs. Palin and see what they have in common. Besides for the obvious: Tea Party ties, small government, rabid Christian Evangelical beliefs, etc. Ive noticed something else and im kind of puzzled. Why are so many of them really good looking? Is this a secret ploy to sneak in rabid right-wing neo-con ideas packaged in a pretty box, or are there just this many good looking republican women? I want to think the latter but I am afraid of the former.

I mean Ms. O'Donnell from Delaware has been an outspoken opponent of masturbation, I cant think of a more conservative line than that. What are they trying to pull on us? I mean when I think of a smart woman I think of people like Madeline Albright or Elizabeth Warren, handsome women no doubt, but not ones that catch your eye right away like the former Ms. Wasilla.

I guess my point here is to warn people that they should not get sucked in by the pretty packaging and look at the substance of their character. If you truely agree with the stuff coming out of their mouths and not focused on what they look like in a bikini then by all means vote for them. But I cant believe that the majority of Americans actually believe that stuff.

**UPDATE** I just googled Sarah Palin for a pic for this article and a good 20% of the pictures were of her in a bikini or photoshopped pics of her with bigger way to go America.

Friday, August 27, 2010

I learned an important lesson in high school...

When I was a junior in high school I was taught a valuable lesson in Economics class. In a free market economy the government can do very little to control it or fix it when it breaks. The problem with this is that Americans, when they get in trouble, want the government to help them out. Therefore the government is judged on its effectiveness in controlling something that is setup in a way that really has no controls. Ironic huh? Compound this with the fact that since people are losing their jobs and their livelihood (and some would argue their minds) they get very angry when the problem isnt solved with a quick fix. Because if Americans like one thing above anything else its instant gratification.

The issue with this is that it took us so long to put ourselves in this hole that its going to take a while to crawl out of it. To his credit I think that Mr. Obama has done a lot for this crisis and I really do believe that he staved off what could have been a much worse situation. However, I also believe that he was severely distracted by the health care debate and this is the result. Hindsight being 20/20 I think if he would have continued working on this crisis and pushed through REAL financial reform last summer instead of the half-assed health care plan then we could have possibly gotten both by this summer! From a political perspective if he could have brought us out of this economic crisis he would have glided through his midterms and parlayed that into a landslide for reelection. But that is not the world in which we live. If he is to survive to be awarded a second term he needs to throw everything he has into doing what little he can to help people through this time. Im not talking about bailouts, or unemployment. The government needs to start in with these so-called "green energy initiatives" and start rebuilding the electric grid as well as the rail infrastructure. This would put people to work and fix a glaring problem we've had for a while. Think about it Mr. President!

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

America....F**k yeah!!

This guy has a very good point. I hate that he used a very good idea and turned into a political attack on Palin. Seemed kind of like a diversion but I agree with the main premise. GO AMERICA!

Thursday, June 24, 2010

The BP incident

Coming up in Houston "the energy capital" a block away from BP. I feel I need to comment on the current crisis in the Gulf. My life would not have been possible without the oil industry and for that I owe them a huge debt of gratitude. However it was my own Grandpa who was an oil man for 40 something years and owned his own land man business who first told me that oil was a finite resource and that we need to be on the lookout for a replacement. This was 20 years ago! But I dont want to get into that right here....

I want to focus on the handling of this situation, which I personally think is disgusting. I place the blame 90% BP and 10% Obama. The reason I dont blame Obama more is because if he were to have come in on day one and taken the show over, the right in this country would have lost its mind and taken pitchforks and torches to the White House. I also think that BP is still trying to make a profit off this well. To all accounts there is more than enough oil in this well to not only pay for the whole spill but still potentially make billions in profits after. So financially it makes sense.

The problem lies in that in salvaging the well instead of rendering it unusable and shut off, thousand of barrels leak out and destroy our coastline every day. I love the environment, I strive to be as low impact as possible but I also live in the real world and understand that we are a fossil fuel based economy for better or worse. But there is a certain point in which I believe for the good of the planet BP needs to seal this thing off at all costs. The major problem on Obama's desk is how to hold a foreign company's feet to the fire. I agree with the moratorium in spirit, those other rigs need to be checked and the oil company's must realize that all those years of no regulation are coming to an end,just like the airlines. I just think the implementation could be better.

Glenn Beck, Fox Noise and Punditry

Ok so I have a theory. I dont really think that Glenn Beck, Rush Limbaugh or any of their ilk really believe half the stuff their saying. I think that they are just in it for the money and that they are doing the conservative movement a great injustice by only appealing to the extreme "chicken little" portion of the right. They would be better served (granted not as big of ratings) if they just appeal to the middle. By putting out these wild conspiracy theories and a lot of the time just straight up making up shit, they are muding the waters of the national conversation and not contributing to the discourse that this country needs. I mean they are how we wound up with Sarah Palin and the Tea Partiers to begin with, and if thats not enough to alarm you I dont know what is.

First Post and commitment

Welcome all! I have moved all my political topics to this space to separate them from the fun stuff of my other blog:

I will continue to post there for all the cool internet / geeky stuff. But with the current climate in this country, I feel the need to post what I see is the middle view on all the wild life changing events happening right now. I really believe that we are living in a very important time in America but the media would have us believe that there are only two views: one crazy left utopia, socialist, etc and the neocon right. While I believe through what I have observed in my life that most people fall somewhere in the middle and just want to be able to have a paycheck, play with their kids and not be bothered all that much by nuts. People that are only in the public sector for fortune and fame and will say anything and do anything to remain there.
I promise to keep my postings short and to the point and try to keep the ranting to a minimum. So feel free to comment on anything I say and please post links to the things that you site so we can share ideas more accurately.